Jermain Bridgewater

Jermain Bridgewater

Jermain Bridgewater is an Aruban Hip Hop artist with African roots, raised in the Netherlands. As his international background unveils, so his full birthname Jermain Michael Lionell Bridgewater has a global aspiration. His honourable mother blessed him with the spirit of music, naming him after her three favorite artists: Jermain Jackson, Michael Jackson and Lionell Richie.

Building his music career since 2006, Jermain Bridgewater is for many youngsters in The Netherlands and abroad a big inspiration and influence. He has developed rapworkshops being an ambassadeur of human rights and global goals.

Starting as one third of the Dutch underground boombap Hip Hop powerforce called StropStrikkers, changed into a solo artist named J.A.E. while running his Hip Hop music label Hof van Jaeden and now completing his transformation into the international focused artist Jermain Bridgewater.

Jermain’s lyrics have always been about struggle, moving up in life, building a legacy and bridges, but also enjoying the good life. His music evolved from grimy, boombap productions to soulfull rhytms, to synthesizer based beats, to where the boundaries of creativity lead him.

As of now Jermain is working on the “Take Me To The Bridge” E.P combining the influence of Hip Hop with flavours of world music such as reggae, gnawa, blues, soul and acoustic. The upcoming E.P. is entirely produced by Pitch Controller Mitch, Rilan Ramhane (from Rilan and the Bombardiers) and Job de la Porte (from INI-movement). With his characteristic deep voice, hotep state of mind and international dreams, Jermain Bridgewater takes you on a sincere journey through the mind of a young world citizen that keeps amazing by his uplifting lyrics and much appraised rhythmic talent.

“Get used to me but don’t get used to my style because that will forever evolve.”
– Jermain Bridgewater

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